ANTI-BORAX Stableweld by Anti-Borax Forge Welding Flux
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ANTI-BORAX Stableweld by Anti-Borax Forge Welding Flux

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Stableweld by Anti-Borax is a metal-bearing forge welding flux, it is ideal for farrier and forge applications.



Anti-Borax Stableweld is a tan powder with grey chips.   Anti-Borax Stableweld has a lower (12%) metal loading than the Anti-Borax EZ flux.  This forge flux is used in forge applications that require a lower metal concentration in the flux.  Anti-Borax Stableweld works like Anti-Borax EZ in most forge welding processes, and can be used in a wide variety of applications.



Form: Powder

Color: Tan with Grey Chips

Volatile Content: Less than 0.5%

Fluoride Content: None

Flash Point: None


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