Albion E18T1500XL 18 Volt Multi-Component Cartridge Calk Gun
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Albion E18T1500XL 18 Volt Multi-Component Cartridge Calk Gun

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Albion E18T1500XL 18 Volt Cordless Multi-Component Cartridge Adhesive Gun

 This 1500 ml dual component dispensing gun features a smooth and powerful  18 volt cordless, 26:1 drive ratio. It handles twin 750/750ml cartridges. The double gripping plate means increased durability. This dispensing gun is ideal for dual component roofing adhesive, for crack injection, and bolt setting. It is able to apply both thin and thicker materials. The adjustment screw technology means increased life of the gun, as the tool wears you can adjust the screw to eliminate wasted motion. Albion's 18 Volt powerful cordless drive system coupled to an extension (stand-up) carriage allowed you to comfortable dispense adhesive or join filler at ground level without stooping over, great for all day use. 

  • 18 Volt cordless drive, multi-component cartridge caulk gun.

  • Ideal for twin cartridge roofing adhesive.

  •  Full carriage containment units and top load.

  • 750ml x 750ml (1:1)

  • Thrust: 900 lbf, Pressure: 66 psi

  • 26:1 Drive

  • Handles twin 750/750ml cartridges

  • 18 volt cordless drive for easy all day use.



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