Breeze Make-A-Clamp Hose Clamp Kit No 4000 Standard 8.5' Kit

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Breeze Make-A-Clamp Kit #4002


This is a "clamping system" in a box, including banding and/or fasteners. By simply cutting off a piece of banding from a continuous roll, you can make any size 100% stainless steel worm-drive clamp from 3" diameter on up.


  • 8.5' of 1/2'' Wide Stainless Steel Banding
  • 3, 9/16'' Wide Stainless Steel Adj. Fasteners & Housing Assemblies
  • 1 Band Splices
  • 5/16'' (8mm) 305 Stainless Steel Slotted Hex Screw
  • Use for temporary or permanent repairs for securing, mounting, strapping, clamping and positioning.
  • Hang, strap, or secure anything to poles, beams, pipes, etc.
  • Hold or clamp units together during welding or assembly.
  • Use for all conventional clamping jobs.
  • Ideal for roofing pipe boots
  • Temporary mount signs and sales flyers


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