Breeze Make-A-Clamp Hose Clamp Kit No 4001  Large 100' Kit
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Breeze Make-A-Clamp Hose Clamp Kit No 4001 Large 100' Kit

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 Breeze Make-A-Clamp Kit #4001


This is a "clamping system" in a box, including banding and/or fasteners. By simply cutting off a piece of banding from a continuous roll, you can make any size 100% stainless steel worm-drive clamp from 3" diameter on up.


  • 100' of 1/2'' Wide Stainless Steel Banding
  • 25, 9/16'' Wide Stainless Steel Adj. Fasteners & Housing Assemblies
  • 10 Band Splices
  • 5/16'' (8mm) 305 Stainless Steel Slotted Hex Screw

Easily handled and stored. Banding feeds out from opening on side. Measuring is made easy by printed ruler marks right on side of box. Unused banding remains inside. Fasteners are stored inside of box in separated, easy accessible compartments.

  • Use for temporary or permanent repairs for securing, mounting, strapping, clamping and positioning.
  • Hang, strap, or secure anything to poles, beams, pipes, etc.
  • Hold or clamp units together during welding or assembly.
  • Use for all conventional clamping jobs.
  • Ideal for roofing pipe boots
  • Temporary mount signs and sales flyers


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