C S Osborne No. 270 Wood / Boat Scraper
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C.S. Osborne No. 270 Wood Scraper / Boat Scraper

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C. S. Osborne  Wood Scraper / Boat Scraper

Osborne No. 270 Triangle Scraper





This is one of the best wood scrapers made. Easily remove paint and varnish from flat, curved and angled surfaces, including window frames and doors! An invaluable tool for preparing, repairing and refinishing. Features tempered steel blades and ergonomic, comfortable grip handle.


         *Durable shave hook scraper perfect for construction pros.

      *High-carbon steel blade designed for precise scraping.

      *Easy-grip wooden handle is comfortable to the touch.

      *Tool measures approximately 7-Inch by 2-Inch by 1-Inch.

      *Scrape difficult to get at curves, groves, and crevices

      *Great for restoring and refinishing.

      *Hardened and tempered steel blades.

      *Hardwood Handle.

      *Replaceable Blades.

      * Exceptional quality tools from C. S. Osborne and Company.




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