C.S. Osborne Soldering Coppers (Soldering or Hand Iron) 2 lb.

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Soldering Coppers

These soldering coppers (soldering irons ) are not made of iron but of 100% forged copper that’s attached to a one piece, looped steel shank. Pyramid shaped on the working end and a solid wooden handle on the other to help keep the heat away from your hand.

Soldering coppers are used in pairs. This is done so one copper can be used as the other is being heated. The size designation of coppers refers to the weight (in pounds) of TWO copperheads; thus a reference to a pair of 4-pound coppers means that each copper head weighs 2 pounds. Heavy coppers are designed for soldering heavy gauge metals, and light coppers are for thinner metals. Using the incorrect size of copper usually results in either poorly soldered joints or overheating. Keep your coppers clean, and tinned using Ruby Fluid flux and Sal Blocks. Sold in pairs only, handles sold separate.

Made by CS Osborne & Company.

We stock 4 sizes Number 2, 2-1/2, 3, and 4





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