The Modified Square Metric
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The Modified Square Metric

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The Metric Modified Square


The Metric Modified Square is great for structural steel fabrication, pipe fitting, sheet metal work and carpentry. It is designed with 4 - 90 degree angles for squaring and marking work points around an edge or insert. This square's unique design has multiple squaring features, which allow you to layout and mark your work piece much faster than a traditional square and rule. It will measure depths and heights, get around an edge, and inside of tubes. This is a great time saving tool that all craftsmen should have.This is the metric model.



  • 1 9/16" opening by 3 1/2" deep. Used for stair stringers and stair spindle layouts plus 2x4's notch outs.

  •  Zero/zero center finding ruler for your work materials.

  •  T-square effect design. 3 points of centering.

  •  Regular squaring.

  • Finds the depth for striking nails on an overhanging edge or insert.

  • You can also transfer work points from far side to near side for layout purposes.

  • Measures height and depth simultaneously.

  •  Ability to square around an overhanging edge.

  • Square pipe flanges in two moves.

  • Made In America




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